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Buying and selling

Buying The offer
The offer is the first step towards purchasing a property. An accepted offer will take the property off the market. A deposit is paid, either by check or by bank transfer as a "free trust deposit" in the hands of the real estate representative. If the seller does not accept the offer, this amount is returned to the purchase without penalty. Should the offer be accepted by the seller, the deposit is binding and acts as the first down payment.

Preliminary Contract
The preliminary contract (compromesso) is a legally binding contract between the buyer and seller. It spells out the terms and conditions of the sale, including the full price to be paid for the property. Normally a down payment of between 15 and 20% will have been made. After the preliminary contract is signed, both parties are bound by it. Should the buyer not follow through on his/her responsibilities, he/she loses the deposit. If the seller pulls out of the deal, he/she must repay double the deposit amount to the buyer.

Tax Number
Before being able to obtain a final deed, the buyer must obtain an Italian Tax ID and must open an Italian bank account.

Final Deed
The final deed is the public contract witnessed by a Notary Public who is chosen by the buyer. It is necessary for both buyer and seller (or nominated representatives) to be present at the signing of the final deed. Before the actual signing, the buyer gives the seller the balance of the purchase price. The deed is then signed by the buyer, the seller, and the Notary. All due property transfer taxes, the real estate agency commission, and the Notary fee are also paid at this meeting.

Final Recording
The last phase is the transcription and registration of the deed at the Property Registration Office (Conservatoria dei Registri Immobilari). The registered deed is now the document on which all government taxes and fees are calculated. The recorded Final Deed is equal to the "title" on the property and acts as proof of property ownership.

After the Purchase
After you have bought your new property in Italy, you will need to pay local property taxes (called "ICI"… Imposta Comunale Immobile - Council Tax on Properties). These are relatively low, between .4 and .7% of the assessed value of the property. It can be paid in two installments (June and December) or in one payment (June). In addition, there you will need to pay a local trash collection tax (Rifiuti Solidi Urbani).

Selling a property

Invoga sas is the right partner to assist you with the sale of your property. We offer a complete line of seller related services, including:
  • Detailed visit to and walk-through of your property
  • Completion of a technical and geographical assessment to determine the appropriate value and asking price
  • Compiling of property photography and floor plans which will be given to interested prospects and featured on our website
  • A technical exposé to distribute to interested buyers
  • Mediation between the buyer and the seller
  • Assistance and guidance during the entire selling process
  • Gathering and handing over of required paperwork to the Notary
  • Quotation for any extra costs (i.e. recording the real estate transaction at the Registry Office)

  • Required documents:
  • Original deed
  • Updated Registry Office's reports (Visure Catastali)
  • Property and building layout
  • Land maps
  • Building permits (if necessary)
  • CDU (Certificato di destinazione urbanistica - Certificate of town planning destination)

  • Seller's costs:
  • Geometra's reports and records
  • Agency provision/commission