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From Milan: Motorway A 7 until toll gate Alessandria East or South and then follow the signs to Acqui Terme. Time: 1h 15 min from Milan’s toll gate. Low costs flight to Malpensa and Linate Airports.

From Genoa: Motorway A 26 until toll gate of Ovada, and then follow the signs to Acqui Terme Time: 1h 15 min. Low costs flight to Cristoforo Colombo Airport

From Turin: Motorway A21 until toll gate of Asti East and follow towards Nizza Monferrato and then to Acqui Terme. Time: 1 h 15 min. Low costs flights to caselle Airport.

You can customize your travel to Acqui Terme clicking on 'Get route information to here' ('indicazioni stradali' in Italian Google Map) and choosing your starting location.

The territory

The fascination with this part of Piedmont has to do with its simple and authentic way of life combined with its world-renowned wine and cuisine. This is a place where you can still experience serenity and get in touch with nature. Green is the predominant color, even in the driest of seasons, and is the common element which unifies the hills, the plain and the mountains. It is a place which is faithful to it roots and history, but is also open to the influence of other regional cultures.

Acqui Terme
The historic name for Acqui Terme is Aquae Statiellae, and is reminiscent of the city's origin: Roman occupation and the defeat of the indigenous population, the Stazielli. The hot thermal springs and its strategic position on Via Emilia (the road to Emilia) gave it great importance. Acqui Terme, located in the heart of the Upper Monferrato, stands on the left bank of the Bormida River.

Borgo Pisterna, along with Borgo San Pietro and Borgo Nuovo, now comprise the heart of the city. The spa area of the Bagni (baths) sprung up on the right bank of the river, around the ancient thermal baths and the splendid park. This section of Acqui is connected with the rest of the city via the historic Carlo Alberto Bridge, where you can enjoy the view of the Archi Romani, the ruins of an ancient Roman Aqueduct. The importance of this famous spa center dates back to Roman times, when the therapeutic value of the hot springs was already well known.

In essence, the importance of Acqui Terme in history was not only determined by its strategic positioning between the Padana Plain and the Mediterranean sea, but also by its very hot sulfur spa springs. Therefore, the first stop for the visitor is the Piazza della Bollente, where curative, 75 degree Celsius waters gush forth from a marble structure built in 1879. Also worth a visit are the ruins of the Roman Aqueduct, the Castle of the Paleologi, the Romanesque basilica of San Pietro and the beautiful Cathedral.

In recent years, the city has undergone a complete transformation. Many historic buildings dating back in history have now been fully restored, and the Acqui has been restored to its ancient magnificence.

You can also visit the Bird Garden, a natural oasis and refuge for birds and small animals.

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