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Thed Naber, The Netherlands, march 2015
ha scritto:
During our holidays, Piemonte had unexpectedly taken us in its grasp. We started to look for a place of our own and came across Invoga. Roberta showed us beautiful properties. She was one of the few who could emphaticize with our idea of the perfect house. This ability made us to decide that Roberta would be the right person to operate as a buying agent. And she did this perfectly. The service she offered went above and beyond. For example, she translated all documents. After the transfer of ownerships she helped us make our way through the Italian bureaucracy and customs, without us having to ask for it. Roberta even helped us with finding a qualified painter, gardener or just a specialized store. Roberta's way of handling things is efficient, straightforward and always friendly. Above all, she is just a lovely person!

Cristina Longini, Torino, Luglio 2016
ha scritto:
SEsattamente cinque anni fa come oggi, ho acquistato un immobile ad Acqui. La sig.ra Roberta, come già dichiarato, ha saputo essere professionale e paziente in questi anni. Ora, conoscendo altre realtà, apprezzo con maggiore cobsapevolezza, la correttezza dell'agenzia Invoga.

Van Dooren, Rob, The Netherlands, 2009
ha scritto:
Via Invoga s.a.s. hebben wij in 2009 ons vakantiehuis in Acqui T. gekocht. Roberta Grattarola spreekt vloeiend Engels en heeft ons met raad en daad bijgestaan, zoals met de contacten met de notaris, de aanvraag van de codice fiscale en daarna met de gewenste verbouwingen en de aanleg van een zwembad. De professionaliteit van Roberta wordt niet alleen geïllustreerd door een perfect aanvoelen van de wensen van de kopers mbt het aanbod van panden in haar portefeuille, maar ook door de uiterst vriendelijke after sales die wij hebben ervaren. Wij kunnen eenieder die overweegt om onroerend goed in Piemonte aan te schaffen, de bemiddeling van Roberta Grattarola méér dan van harte aanbevelen.

Margaret Kaus, United States of America, 2007
ha scritto:
My husband and I purchased a home in Acqui Terme through Roberta and it was an exceptional experience in customer service. Roberta, who speaks excellent English, guided us through the process and was responsive to every need. She was with us when we closed on the house, opened a bank account, took us to get our codice fiscal (and explained it to us) and personally helped us with our permit to stay in the country (permesso). She was an amazing help. Even now, some years later, we still stop in for translation of official documents. I highly recommend Roberta and her Invoga Agency not only for excellent service, but for the best property listings in town. Margaret Kaus.

Scholl, Pascal, Switzerland, April 2015
ha scritto:
Suchen Sie eine Persönlichkeit, welche Ihnen nicht nur ein schönes Haus verkauft. Roberta Grattarola untertützt Sie während des Verkaufsprozesses sachkundig und effizient. Ihre Hilfsbereitschaft und Zuvorkommenheit hat kein Verfallsdatum.

Tony Hughes, United Kingdom, June 2015
ha scritto:
Roberta has been extremely helpful and professional during the viewing and purchasing of our house. She took care of all the details for us and has also continued to be very helpful after the purchase. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Cristina Longini, Torino, 2007
ha scritto:
Ho trovato l\'alloggio giusto e sono stara assistita con pazienza in questi 5 anni x gli affiti. Grazie per avere saputo scegliere le persone e la giusta consulenza professionale. Buon lavoro. Cristina Longini.

Paola Patetta, Milano, novembre 2015
ha scritto:
Grande professionalità , attenzione ai dettagli durante tutto il processo di vendita, gentilezza e grande capacità di ascolto dei bisogni del cliente, problem solving: grazie a voi siamo riusciti a realizzare il nostro progetto!

John Maclaren, Miami - USA, aprile 2016
ha scritto:
We cannot say enough good things about Roberta. She is the best real estate agent we have ever worked with. As Americans, we expected difficulties with the language and ways of doing business but with Roberta there were none. It couldn't have been easier. She doesn't stop working after the sale. When we had a few problems with utility bills months after the closing Roberta got on the phone and fixed them. We are also very happy that we bought a home in the Langhe. It is an incredibly beautiful place with wonderful people to match. We were invited into more homes in our village in Italy after a few weeks than in our neighborhood is Miami after 30 years.

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