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Our network of specialized professionals in the architecture, building, supply and tradesmen professions enables us to offer a custom planning for your property's specific restoration needs. While renovating a property in Italy may seem overwhelming, we plan your restoration, step by step, using the following method:

  • We gather YOUR ideas. We present you with options on materials such as pavement and bathroom tiles, lighting, windows, and doors and exterior paving materials, color and finish swatches.

  • We introduce you to the professionals. We meet with you; introduce you to potential geometre (a legal form of surveyor/supervisor who is also qualified to provide architectural planning) and architects.

  • We introduce you potential contractors, and start to assemble scope of work based upon the architectural assessment.

  • We visit the site with your chosen team to carry insure that everyone has a clear and exact picture of the scope of work and time frame.

  • You select final materials, and we develop a cost picture of the project. We release bids / finalize contracts between you and the contractor / suppliers.

  • We develop final cost estimates and get your approval.

  • We provide you with a detailed project schedule to make sure that your time constraints are met.

  • We co-ordinate with architect/geometra, contractor and trades people.

  • We co-ordinate payments between you and suppliers.

  • We keep you apprised and informed about the ongoing renovation.

  • We change over utilities into your name.

  • We co-ordinate decoration and furnishing of the home, inside and out.

  • We arrange delivery and installation of furnishings, fixtures and equipment.

  • In the example below you can see the phases of a restoration (click on the photo to enlarge it):


    at work